Rob Schneider

Robert Michael Schneider

Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Director, Activist

VideoOnPage "I'm for parental rights, not for government coercion telling us what we can do and can't do with our kids...It's illegal...You can't make people do procedures that they don't want...The parents have to be the ones who make the decisions for what's best for their kids...It can't be the government saying that...It's against the Nuremberg laws!@celebs4truth

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Rob Schneider is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood and is obviously one of the most vaccine researched as well. Although his take on vaccines is clearly controversial (in the mainstream), anyone who has truly done their homework knows what he's saying is absolutely true, nonetheless. The fact that so few celebs have taken a stand against the corrupt pharmaceutical industry and their practices, doesn't totally hide the fact that vaccines have been admittedly begun to be used as establishment tools for enhancing sick-care industry profits and to deliberately reduce the population for "elite" eugenics-driven power and control purposes. Anyone who, at this point, continues to allow doctors and nurses to inject them with anything other than for purely emergency purposes, even for the so-called "vaccines" suggested for infants when born, is truly playing with fire.