Oliver Stone

William Oliver Stone

Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Veteran, Activist

VideoOnPage "The Wolfowitz Doctrine, the Cheney Doctrine from 1992 [aka, PNAC], the preemptive war, [saying] we will be the unilateral leader in the world...that's a very clear policy in the United States...and Obama's pushing it as Bush-lite.@celebs4truth

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It's easy to see that the iconic Hollywood mega-producer, Oliver Stone, has done his homework, sees what is actually going on in the world and it reflects in both his movies and his activism. Perhaps no more evident than in the 1991 blockbuster "JFK." A film that not only turned the establishment's theory about the JFK Assassination on its head, it even scared the establishment into sending one of their teleprompter-puppets out to attempt damage control after the movie's debut. This is in spite of the movie being a toned-down version of the circumstances. A very well researched independent follow up, JFK II, broke the conspiracy down even further. But don't let the fact that he's never gone all the way with other conspiracies, like 9/11, fool you. Sometimes you have to be able to read between the lines...