Sean Penn

Sean Justin Penn

Actor, Screen Writer, Director

VideoOnPage RealTime w/ Bill Maher, 2007 "When you have a precedent set like that, when [former CIA Director] George Tenet can write in his book, "the administration was [knowingly] deceiving the American people" into a situation that is murdering young men and women from this country and others, (aka, over 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, killed)... That George Tenet, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, George Bush should all be in f**king jail!" @celebs4truth

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Sean Penn is really only scratching the surface. When you factor in all of the brown skinned people and all of the Asian people that the "Western" establishment and its "allies" have killed in un-declared/illegal wars and secret operations since the end of WWII, those numbers far surpass even the "Holocaust." This renders the western establishment, its military industrial complex, and it's totally-controlled, fake left/right media as the worst killers, murderers and terrorists in the history of charted civilization. Sean Penn's brother, Chris, was murdered by those very same circles of "elites."