Phil Donahue

Phillip John Donahue

Media Personality, Writer, Film Producer, Talk Show Host, Activist

VideoOnPage "You can hear the war drums beating...How many wars do you want to have in your lifetime...How many bombs are you going to drop...It looks like we’ve become a warrior nation...We are dropping bombs on old people and children at night while people are sleeping, and we’re watching it on CNN...The only voice that’s spoken up at all in this campaign, about this, is Ron Paul...The Media is purposely demonizing anti-war people like Ron Paul...They're making it very difficult to dissent" @celebs4truth

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Conspiracy Examiner: Donahue questions government and media fear-mongering conspiracy

Daytime TV legend, Phil Donahue has been around a long time, talked to a lot of people, seen a lot of things, and has an obviously solid grasp of what many call, "New World Order" operations. Donahue can see what's going on and has the ability to decipher the coded messages of the matrix. We always liked listening to him when he had the top talk show in the country then, and we still like listening to him today. Keep voting Ron Paul Phil