Billy Corgan

William Patrick Corgan, Jr.

Smashing Pumpkins, Singer, Songwriter, guitarist, Activist

VideoOnPage "Does anyone know what a "chemtrail" is? Turn to the person to your left and explain what a chemtrail is. Remember when the sky used to be blue? It was just blue...and then there was this toxic death smoke." @celebs4truth

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The Real Billy Corgan: Down the Rabbit Hole

Billy Corgan is absolutely right about both chemtrails existing and also for speaking out about it! It's awesome to see stars not only knowing their stuff, but also willing to risk their careers to give people the truth about what's actually happening in the real world! It's not fun to find out we are being sprayed with heavy metals, other toxins, and who knows what else, by those who have corrupted our governments, but we're really doomed if we don't find out, help each other find out, and then do something about it, ASAP!