David Lynch

David Keith Lynch

Filmmaker, Director, Artist, Musician, Actor

ArticleOnPage "The Things that bother me is the hole in the Pentagon being too small for a plane, the lawn isn't mussed up, and the government is not showing the plane hitting when many cameras photographed it. At the WTC, 3 buildings came down like demolitions, and two of them were hit by a plane, but the third one they said, "do you want us to pull it?" ...and they pulled it, and it looked just like the other two! Those things bother me! In Pennsylvania, the plane that went down, it was just a hole in the ground! There wasn't any wreckage, or skid marks, there wasn't any tear in the earth...and no one's ever really found out about that! So, every place there's questions!" @celebs4truth

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The Esoteric World of David Lynch and Twin Peaks

David Lynch Website Gallery Focuses on 9/11 Truth Art

David Lynch is a well respected Hollywood big-shot who now has serious and legitimate questions about what actually happened on 9/11! He's not alone, however, because even 6 of the 10 9/11 Commissioners themselves have agreed, in various ways, we need a new investigation. We seriously respect Mr. Lynch for his openness, and we completely understand the reason for the look on his face when he first came forward on Dutch TV with the questions he has about 9/11. We feel the exact same way... It's extremely disturbing!