Al Jourgensen

Alain David Jourgensen

Ministry, Singer, Musician, Producer, Activist

VideoOnPage "Politicians are the mouthpiece for the {actual] people in control...Something was nagging at me that something is not right here...It's so funny that the Pentagon finally repeals "don't ask, don't tell" and yet our media centers, whether it's FOX, CNN, or even MSNBC is basically don't ask, don't tell...they don't ask the hard questions, and they don't tell you the hard answers!" @celebs4truth

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Al Jourgensen may not be the most eloquent, or even the most knowledgeable about the New World Order, yet he's obviously done tons of homework and knows a good deal already. Even though his interviews can sometimes be tough to listen to, it's still good to know that stars are waking up to reality and willing to publicly acknowledge what they've found. We should all thank Al for his courage and patriotism. He get's respect for what he's trying to do, regardless of what the haters say.