Hal Sparks

Hal Harry Magee Sparks III

Actor, Comedian, Musician, TV Personality, Activist

VideoOnPage "You have a real issue with the fact when there's 19 hijackers they put up on the website, and like 5 or 7 of them are still alive. So that, in and of itself, grinds your story to a halt...grinds the official story to a halt. Bldg. 7, there's no way that bldg. wasn't detonated...everybody knows it, nobody wants to talk about it, except from an architectural standpoint or an engineering point of view, just go, "there's no other way this building came down." Nothing fell on it, there was not enough fire, end of story. Buildings don't fall like that...that's just stupid!" @celebs4truth

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Hal Sparks truly knows his 9/11 stuff! He's very well versed and has obviously done his homework. It's also very apparent he's intelligent and isn't coming from a paranoid state, rather a very well researched and well spoken individual, instead. Celebrities like Hal Sparks are a true breath of fresh air because he's an example of how it's OK to think for yourself and understand the truth...and then speak out about it!