Heather Thomas

Heather Anne Thomas

Actress, Model, Screenwriter, Author

Retroality.TV "I'm going to go this far...There was no fuselage at the Pentagon...There was none that you could check out. They said it vaporized, and yet they produced bodies saying that they didn't vaporize. You can vaporize a two-ton engine? I don't think so. And a lot people say they closed the Twin Towers for weekends on end (directly before 9/11) and wouldn't even let the security people in there (because they were setting it up for demolition.) You can listen to this stuff, the knowledge is out there. You can see the pictures of the Pentagon, It's a solid hole. No airplane does damage like that. It was a bomb." @celebs4truth



It's great to see celebs like Heather Thomas come out of the closet with 9/11 Truth. She makes a great addition to a growing list of people that have been used by the establishment/Hollywood, to sell establishment propaganda (aka, movies and tv shows), expose that corrupt and out-of-control establishment instead.

She's obviously done her own independent research and has come to some of the very same conclusions that billions of other people around the world have come to. It's obvious that 9/11 did not happen the way the government would like us to believe it happened, when looking at the evidence from outside of the tightly-controlled thought-box the establishment uses its media to attempt keeping everyone in.

The problem is, even 6 of the 10 9/11 Commissioners themselves have since come forward to admit that their own so-called "independent" investigation, culminating in the preposterously inaccurate "9/11 Commission Report," is a total failure. In some cases going as far as suggesting the need for a totally new, truly "independent" Investigation. 

Simply because the truth about who was truly involved in the so-called "terror" attacks of 9/11 has yet to be told. @Conspiracy_X