Gisele Caroline Bundchen

Model, Actress, Activist

ArticleOnPage "I cannot put this poison [sunscreen] on my skin...I do not use anything synthetic." @celebs4truth


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Gisele stepped way over certain politically correct boundaries by publicly admitting that synthetic sunscreens are poisonous and that she wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole. Billions of dollars have been spent over many decades by sunscreen manufacturers and the cancer establishment brainwashing you into believing otherwise.

Anyone making large amounts of money in an industry partially designed to get people to purchase these kinds of products, then risking it all by simply telling the truth about them, is not something the establishment views in a very favorable light. It's also very likely she's appeared in many magazines, TV shows, or modeling events, at least partially paid for by ad revenue from these types of products.

It's obvious Gisele has done her homework however and knows that the vast majority of sunscreen-related products on the mass-market actually cause more cancer and other skin-related problems than they prevent. But you obviously wouldn't know that if the only information you deem trustworthy comes from sources that keep telling you to wear them, like sunscreen ads, the mainstream media, or your doctor. Simply because they obviously don't want you to know, or just don't know any better themselves.

Decades of disinformation operations on behalf of industry leaders like these, along with all the blessings the establishment and its puppet-media can muster, have our world generations deep into a  physically, mentally, and spiritually toxic state. One that has been very difficult to break out of as a society.

It will become much easier for people to eventually break away from the stronghold this corrupt establishment's corporations, politicians, and media have over the majority of the Western world's minds and lives, however, thanks to the continued truth from celebs like this. But if there was ever an example of how much work has yet to be done in order to accomplish goals of that magnitude, setting an example of how to be courageous and honest in the face of criticism and ridicule seems to be a trait that even those closest to Gisele have to work on acquiring. @Conspiracy_X