Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata Condon

Actor, Activist

VideoOnPage "Well, there are just so many things, so many questions that have not been answered...very disturbing questions...especially when you look at them from a contextual standpoint. One thing in particular, the 9/11 Commission...Not one word in the 9/11 Commission Report about the collapse of Building 7. As a matter of fact, during court proceedings, dealing with the NYC CAN petition, I believe the Judge who was presiding over the matter, Judge Lerner, when Building 7 was brought up in the courtroom, he said, "building what?" @celebs4truth


Gary Franchi Interviews Daniel Sunjata



Daniel Sunjata is the real deal when it comes to the truth about 9/11. There aren't too many celebrities as serious about helping others understand the inconsistencies and impossibilities that exist in the official version of the events of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

You can find him speaking in front of crowds about many of the inconvenient truths surrounding the events, in front of the camera, or even doing an entire episode of "Rescue Me" dedicated to the truth about 9/11. Something the establishment media tried to spin as total lunacy, as expected.

The truth, however, is not lunacy, as many more are starting to realize. It's far more odd to believe many of the explanations given officially.

Even stranger is assuming all the evidence that was left out was all just a simple case of being mistakenly overlooked. Then again, even acknowledging the presence of giant pools of molten metal, lingering for weeks under all three controlled demolitions, is a discussion that just couldn't be possible when taking the currently understood version of the events into consideration, could it?

Pools of molten metal wouldn't have existed underneath the rubble, if the buildings had simply collapsed solely because of airplane damage and the weakening of their steel structures because of kerosine (jet fuel)-fueled office fires. Yet, giant pools of molten metal did exist, for weeks, under all three.

One of them, Building 7, wasn't even hit by a plane.  @Conspiracy_X