Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Marie Mahoney-Hamel 

Actress, Author, Singer, Entrepreneur, Activist

VideoOnPage "Let's really look at the realities. There's only three types of cancer that respond to chemo-therapy, testicular, child & adult leukemia, lymphomas & Non-Hodgkin. After that, the results are pretty dismal. And we've all watched this constant degradation of patients...I'm just saying...I'm talking to doctors that are succeeding [using so-called "alternative" methods]." @celebs4truth


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Suzanne Somers and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – Uncensored About Cancer 

Suzanne Somers Joins Cancer Battle 

Suzanne Somers Speaks Out About About the Cancer Industry

Suzanne Somers realizes "there's no money in the cure" and has been on a mission to help others come to terms with the same.

As politically incorrect as it may be, as truth often seems to be nowadays, she has no personal inhibitions about telling you the truth about cancer and the totally corrupt cancer industry.

The medical establishment elite have been fighting information like this from getting out, so desperately, that they and their controlled corporate/mainstream media will say anything to discredit people from finding out the truth about this truly evil, elite medical tyranny. @Conspiracy_X