Albert Johnson

Rapper, Actor

VideoOnPage "There's a lot of things they're not talking about, like 9/11, that these people are trying to sweep under the rug...That's what we need to be talking about...To see what they feel about the bombs going off in the World Trade Center, what about that? There was mad witnesses, the Fire Dept., the Police Dept. said they heard bombs going off...and you can see the explosions going off...why isn't anybody talking about that?" @celebs4truth



Maafa 21: Black Genocide In The 21st Century (video)
Mobb Deep's Prodigy is one cat that tells it like it is, regardless. He is obviously unafraid of the truth, despite it sounding strange, scary, or politically incorrect.

He's also one of many black men targeted because, one, he's openly exposing the Illuminati, and two, simply because he's African-American.

Despite the jargon heard on the news about the so-called Civil Rights Act and the opportunities offered to all US citizens now, regardless of race, etc., the more things have supposedly changed, the more they've actually stayed much the same.

It may seem like people of color have equal opportunity in America, but purposefully over-policing "minority" neighborhoods, economic inequality, educational inequality, the restriction of firearms ownership by fiat, and many other institutionalized policies, specifically directed toward African-Americans and other related classes of people, say otherwise. 

Some call it racism, others call it eugenics. @Conspiracy_X