2Pac Makaveli

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Rapper, Actor, Producer, Activist

VideoOnPage "I’m seeing it clearer, Painting a picture in the mirror, They claim we inferior, So why the f**k these devils fear ya, I’m watching my nation die, Genocide and cause, Expect a bloodbath, The aftermath is yours, I told you last album, We need help cause we dying, Give us a chance, Help us advance cause we trying, Ignore my whole plea, Watching us in disgust, And then they beg when my guns bust, They don’t give a f**k about us" @celebs4truth



While being jailed, after being convicted of corrupt, falsified sexual assault charges, 2Pac, a.k.a. Makaveli, learned of the Illuminati from other inmates.

Although skeptics will say that he didn't believe in the shadowy secret society, based on interviews after his release, he sure did talk about them in his lyrics and ended up creating an album with their name in it's title...and was murdered shortly thereafter. Coincidence? @Conspiracy_X