Lawrence Kris Parker

Rapper, Actor, Author, Activist

VideoOnPage "Sony, RCA, or BMG, Universal, the radio stations, Clear Channel, Viacom with BET and MTV, those are our oppressors, those are the people that we're trying to overcome in hip hop everyday, this is a daily thing." @celebs4truth



It's easy being a KRS-One fan, after realizing he's not like most other emcees and actually speaks about real issues, typically considered taboo in the establishment/corporate-controlled mainstream media. Despite being issues that should be the headlines and at the forefront of every dinner-table conversation. Instead of New World Order/BigMedia preferred, glorified topics, like violence, money, drugs, crime, sexualization, and all the other socially demoralizing topics designed to destabilize society as a whole...which has obviously been working. @Conspiracy_X