Jim Corr

James Steven Ignatius Corr

Singer, Songwriter, Musician

9/11 Truth News “When I was first confronted with this information I thought it was crazy, as well. But out of curiosity, I looked some of it up and once I kept studying it I found it quite amazing that what I was being told was backed up by quotes from various people in power and that reinforced for me what I had been told. I get my information from highly qualified architects, engineers and professors and they tell me that nano-thermites were found in the dust at 9/11 [ground-zero] and there is no other explanation for them to be there, unless it was a controlled demolition.”  @celebs4truth



Jim Corr knows the more people start to seriously look into 9/11 Truth, the more people realize that it didn't actually happen the way 'they' say it happened. Even more startling is the fact that it looks to have been just the opposite.

Not to mention the fact that 9/11 was used as an excuse to impose the rights-infringing "Patriot" Act, a Stasi-style Dept. of Homeland Security, and multiple ensuing wars that continue to this day. Almost as if the 3rd Reich was somehow reincarnated on 9/11, but in the United States.

The only thing that can be agreed on (by most) is that one plane hit the south tower and one hit the north tower. Literally all other details, such as how the buildings fell, who was truly responsible and what hit the Pentagon, etc., are up for serious debate. A debate that many who still cling to the official line are afraid of having, for obvious reasons. @Conspiracy_X