Jim Carrey

James Eugene Carrey

Actor, Comedian, Activist

VideoOnPage "I don't think we can afford to assume that the people in charge of our public health any longer have our best interests at heart all the time! Parents have to make their own educated decisions based off the information...The AAP is financed by the drug companies, medical schools are financed by the drug companies...this is a huge business!" @celebs4truth



Jim Carrey agrees that it's very disturbing to realize the medical establishment is more concerned about money than health! It's become painfully obvious the roll of Big-Pharma is to, at least, ensure the continued influx of revenue, in spite of the consequences.

Once one delves even deeper into the situation, however, disturbing realities start to emerge.

Exposing that many vaccines cause autism only scratches the surface of a growing world wide vaccine scandal that is bridging the gap between a totally irresponsible drive for profit, to a more sinister and admitted "elite" plan to depopulate the human race to "more manageable levels." @Conspiracy_X