Jenny McCarthy

Jennifer Ann McCarthy

Actress, Comedian, Model, Author, Activist

VideoOnPage "Going back to the 1989 schedule, there were only 10 vaccines given to children and the MMR was on that list...I don't know what happened in 1990, there was no plague that was killing children, yet they tripled the amount of vaccines?" @celebs4truth



In addition to vaccines being an obvious engine for profit, despite how hard it may be to believe or accept, they are admittedly also being used now to purposely reduce the world's human population.

Jenny McCarthy raising vaccines danger awareness, while an amazing step in the right direction, only scratches the surface of a growing worldwide vaccine scandal that is bridging the gap between a totally irresponsible drive for profit, to a more sinister and admitted "elite" plan to depopulate the human race to "more manageable levels". Which, also admittedly, seems to be working. @Conspiracy_X