Gary Busey

William Gary Busey

Actor, Musician, Activist

VideoOnPage "It's time for American citizens to stand up and pay attention to what we're here for and what this country was founded upon...and where it could be going if we, each one of us, does not stand up and write our congressman and senators and let them know we are very concerned with what the patriot act means, what it's taking away from us." @celebs4truth



Brainwashed bloggers hate Gary Busey after 9/11 comments

Twitter: Gary Busey

Not only has Gary Busey starred in hundreds of Hollywood movies in his extraordinary career, he was one of the very first celebrities to courageously come forward publicly for 9/11 truth.

He never pulls any punches and despite being classified as a kook in the special-interest-controlled "mainstream" media, he's one of the more intelligent celebs in Hollywood.

Funny how anyone with any significant voice or level of influence, that also says anything that could potentially threaten the current perceived reality about something important to the establishment, is always automatically demonized by both Hollywood and the media alike. Almost as if they all have some strange common interest in protecting each other, instead of the truth. @Conspiracy_X