Woody Harrelson

Woodrick Tracy Harrelson

Actor, Comedian, Activist

ArticleOnPage "America invaded Afghanistan, not because of the 9/11 attacks, but because Chevron wanted to overthrow the Taliban and build an oil pipeline." @celebs4truth



Woody Harrelson is no chump when it comes to truth activism. He sits on the Advisory Board of the NORML pro-marijuana legalization organization and has also come forward to expose the falsehood that is the phony "War on Terror." Including both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Which were waged, as he points out, for poppies, oil, and geopolitical domination, rather than because of 9/11 and the virtually non-existent "threat" of terrorism, as the establishment and its media would like us to believe.

Woody has always been an entertaining actor, but we are proud to say he is also a great patriot and truth-teller, as well. @Conspiracy_X