Willie Nelson

Willie Hugh Nelson

Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Veteran, Actor, Author, Poet, Activist

ArticleOnPage "I saw one [tower] fall and it was just so symmetrical. I said, wait a minute, I just saw that last week at the casino in Las Vegas...and you see these implosions all the time...and the next one [the other tower] fell and I said hell there's another one...and they're trying to tell me that an airplane did it...and I can't go along with that." @celebs4truth



Willie Nelson: Advisory Board, NORML

Willie Nelson is a true legendary country music star, with a career that spans over 6 decades. He is also a long time truth activist and has been using and advocating the use of bio fuels for decades, as well.

Even though he has been arrested for marijuana possession multiple times, he and many millions of Americans still refuse to submit to corrupt drug laws that only exist to serve corporations and private prison owners, government revenue generation, and CIA black-ops funding operations. None of it having anything to do with public health and safety, but having everything to do with power, control, and the transfer of wealth. Otherwise known as slavery, by fiat. @Conspiracy_X