Tom DeLonge

Thomas Matthew DeLonge, Jr. 

Vocalist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer

InfoWars "We do know that the buildings came down in a fashion extremely similar to a controlled demolition of a building...We do know the expertise that is needed to fly those gigantic planes into that exact location could never have been achieved by someone that just learned how to fly a small plane." @celebs4truth



Tom DeLonge Interview with James Fetzer

Tom DeLonge took a risk by coming out with 9/11 Truth and exposing the fact that 3 WTC buildings were controlled demolitions on 9/11. As do all Hollywood actors and artists that speak out.

People actually thinking for themselves and then telling others about it Is not something the (Hollywood) establishment thinks very kindly of. Especially when that person has the bright spotlight of Hollywood illuminating their messages. @Conspiracy_X