Sharon Stone

Sharon Yvonne Stone

Actress, Model

WorldNetDaily "I feel sad when I realize how much truth is being changed or obscured in the American media." @celebs4truth



Sharon Stone Slams Media and U.S. War in Iraq and Afghanistan

The media didn't want to touch Sharon Stone backing Charlie Sheen when he came forward with 9/11 truth, except for Showbiz Tonight. There she commented that she "fully supported Charlie's activism."

She's also said a few things of her own, however, and has mentioned facts about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that the media doesn't want to touch either.

No wonder the only trace of her comments in support of Charlie Sheen and the truth is a screenshot of her appearance on Showbiz Tonight, right here on this website. Everything else was methodically scrubbed off the internet, in hopes of making sure the public never hears her statements again.

So much for freedom of speech and objective "journalism" in the Western establishment media. @Conspiracy_X