Professor Griff

Richard Griffin 

Rapper, Security Agent, Poet, Activist

VideoOnPage "No one looks at the agenda. The average American is going to swallow it hook line and sinker and we don't even know what the agenda is. We [Americans] don't want to know the issue. We've got a false sense of gratification because a black man is in office, thinking everything is going to be alright. Well, no, everything is not going to be alright...Until you look at the agenda, and what the democratic party has been about, is about, and will be about, regardless of whether Barack Obama is President or not...and that's real." @celebs4truth

Professor Griff is one of the most hard-hitting celebrity truthers that has ever lived and will tell you the truth in a NY minute. No matter how ugly or unnerving the truth may be, you can count on Griff to speak it.

He often tells people things they don't want to hear, but are the things that need to be said, nonetheless. It's truly a shame he is one of so few celebs that have enough courage to stand up and truly tell it like it is.

There's a reason he was used to lead the S1W's, Public Enemy's security team, and his unwavering commitment to speaking truth to power and exposing reality is a great example. @Conspiracy_X