Jesse Ventura

James George Janos

Governor, Veteran, Actor, Author, Wrestler, Activist

About.com 3/10/10 "I would say the biggest one to me was the killing of John F. Kennedy because of what happened after that. Imagine if you can kill the president and get away with it, well, then you are going to be bold enough to do just about anything." @celebs4truth

As Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura pulled no punches and spoke truth to power. The very reason the people of Minnesota voted for him.

Now, as one of the most visible truth activists in the world, he's even more inclined to speak the truth, regardless of how disturbing what you hear may be.

Ventura filed a lawsuit against the TSA and the Feds for violating his constitutional rights with naked body scanners and sexual groping at airports. He also successfully sued the estate of the late "American Sniper," Chris Kyle, for defamation, over the lies told about Ventura in the book Kyle wrote about his experiences as a sniper in the US military. @Conspiracy_X