George Carlin

George Denis Patrick Carlin

Comedian, Actor, Author, Activist

VideoOnPage [Regarding a new 9/11 investigation] "Consensus reality is often intentionally misleading...You know, that's like...they don't investigate themselves in this country...it would be like the Kennedy thing...it would be like everything! The people in charge do what they want, and they will always do what they want. Power does what it wants to. I wouldn't trust an investigation." @celebs4truth
George Carlin (1937-2008) was regarded by many critics to be one of the greatest comics in history. He pushed the envelope and inspired thought, while shunning the establishment's demands for political correctness.

Always speaking his mind and telling it like it is, no matter the venue or subject, his performances grew more and more like political speeches, as his wisdom grew with knowledge and experience over the course of his career. Fart joke heavy performances in smoke-filled comedy clubs of the 70's eventually became arena-filled exposes of truth and political enlightenment.

As they say, the best "comedy" is always rooted in truth. @Conspiracy_X