Ed Asner

Edward Asner

Actor, Veteran, Activist

prisonplanet.com "Americans would have never agreed to the last two wars and the Patriot Act's disturbing policy, had it not been for 9/11. There are many disturbing issues around 9/11 that have yet to be examined in any meaningful way by our media, Congress, and even by the 9/11 Commission." @celebs4truth



NYMag: Asner vs. Cheney in NYC 9/11 Commission

Ed Asner would sign the 9/11 truth petition again "without the slightest hesitation"

Ed Asner wrote an open letter in 2004, through the 9/11 Visibility Project organization, encouraging all "peace and justice leaders" to demand "full 9/11 truth." He also signed the 9/11 Truth Statement released by the organization in 2004 that again called for a new, independent investigation into the Sept. 11th attacks. Something that the totally co-opted US federal government and justice department truly wanted/wants nothing to do with, for obvious reasons. @Conspiracy_X