Chuck Norris

Carlos Ray Norris

Master Martial Artist, Veteran, Author, Actor, Texas Ranger, Activist

VideoOnPage "They want to bankrupt our economy here in the United States and then come in with international money and take away the dollar. If the people don’t rise up, we’re going to have a revolution in our country." @celebs4truth



Gun Owners' Guide to the 2012 Election by Chuck Norris

'Fast and Furious' White House Gun Control by Chuck Norris

Stalin-Style U.S. Public Education by Chuck Norris
Outlawing Opinion by Chuck Norris

I dare you to call Chuck Norris a liar to his face!

But instead of kicking your ass, even though you may deserve it, he's likely to take it easy on you and smack you down instead with some good ol' fashion truth. Namely, about the direction this country is headed, if Americans don't come to their senses about just who's truly in control of this country and why!

Start by coming to terms with the fact that you won't find that information via the so-called "mainstream" media. @Conspiracy_X