Joan Rivers

Joan Alexandra Molinsky

Actress, Comedian, Writer, Producer, TV Host

VideoOnPage Regarding an eventual first gay president: "Well, we already have it with Obama, so, let's just calm down...You know Michelle is a tranny...A transgender...Oh, my gosh...We all know...It's OK."  @celebs4truth

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Joan Rivers, despite the media's desperate attempt to downplay her statements as "joking," threw the establishment for an absolute loop when she exposed the fact that Hollywood in general understands that the United States already has an LGBT couple in the White House. Which wouldn't be such a big deal for most if the establishment and its media hadn't already been pretending from the beginning this wasn't the case. Which ultimately is a big deal, however, because that same establishment has been using its totally monopolized and tightly-controlled "mainstream" media to push the LGBT agenda on America. In large-part, much like the American feminist movement, to purposely break down the traditional American Christian family structure, as a literal divide-and-conquer war tactic, in order to make it easier to eventually bring a morally and structurally weakened US into a totalitarian, New World Order-based, one-world government system, controlled by the same general Western royalty bloodlines Americans gained their independence from during the American Revolution. America is the ultimate prize.

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